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Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Case Study Coffee

September 4, 2014

Yo! Case Study Coffee hosted #TNTNW last week and we had the best time ever! Fun fact: this was their first event at the new Alberta location and they weren’t even technically open for service yet! You have to visit them the next time you’re in Portland. The cafe design is super clean and inviting. You can really see that owners Christine and Wes as well as the staff of Case Study poured their hearts into this shop. Another great feature of the cafe is the light fixture above the bar area…It’s in the shape of a caffeine molecule!

We had a packed house for the event! The 32 spots on the bracket filled within 20 minutes of signup. After we got the Mash Tun IPA flowing and the bracket full it was throwdown time! There were a ton of beautiful pours! Everyone did a great job but like any throwdown there could only be three winners.

1: Garrick @igarrick Stumptown Coffee
2: Dave @_d_o_s_e Either/Or Coffee
: Clint

The winners went home with an array of awesome prizes from our amazing sponsors: Espresso Parts, Barista Magazine, Baratza, Craft Coffee, Cuppow, Rip Van Wafels, and Imbibe Magazine!

See you 9/25 at Anthem Coffee in Puyallup!


Brewing With Espresso Parts: Cold Brew Coffee

August 31, 2014

Welcome to brewing with EP. This new monthly post will cover basic brewing guides for a number of products from our lineup.

What is cold brew? It’s coffee that has been brewed using cold/room temperature water over a long period of time. Generally anywhere from 4-12 hours or even longer. The grind needs to be more coarse than say a pour over due to longer contact time with the water. What you end up with is a coffee “concentrate” that can be served over ice, cut with milk, or even heated up. It also has a very low acidity and is easy on the stomach.

We offer a few different cold brew towers and setups. Today we’re highlighting the Hunter by Yama Glass. This brewer is perfect for home users who may not have a ton of counter space. The brewers is made from lab grade borosilicate glass with wood accents and comes with a stand.

You’ll notice the Hunter is composed of two pieces. The top portion holds the ceramic filter, ground coffee, and water. The bottom collects the brewed coffee and can be used as a decanter.

Not only is cold brew delicious it’s also very easy to make…especially with the Hunter.

  • First, place the ceramic filter into the brewer.
  • Add 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee
  • Place paper diffuser on top of ground coffee
  •  Add 200 grams of ice
  • Top off with 100 grams of water
  • After 4 hours you’ll have delicious cold brew to enjoy (time may differ due to grind and beans used)

We encourage you to try different methods and grind settings..




Our customer service representatives are here to help with your order. They can be reached at 8004595594,, or Live Chat on our site. Don’t forget to ask about wholesale pricing and the BGA discount.



Espresso Parts celebrates 3 years of #TNTNW

July 29, 2014

Last week we celebrated the third anniversary of our #TNTNW event series with an awesome parking lot party. That’s 36 consecutive monthly throwdowns in the PNW! We’re honored to help bring the community closer and create a place where everyone can have fun and learn.

Since it was such a special occasion we decided to take our Custom Shop La Marzocco GS2 out of the crate and set it up for action. We also hired locals for our food and music! Dillinger’s Cocktails and Kitchen was on site with a great spread. Vince Brown kicked down some jazzy tunes on his guitar and all was good in the world. We also had plenty of Fish Tale organic Amber aaaaand Whitewood Cider for errybody. Our teammates Dave White and Heather Ringwood own and operate Whitewood sooo that’s pretty cool.

Now to the latte art! Thanks to Batdorf & Bronson for the espresso and Pacific Foods for the Barista Series Almond Milk we used for the throwdown. Another thanks to Pacific foods for sweetening the pot with an extra $300! Lots of fantastic pours made it to the judges…see the pictures above. Of course it all came down to the last three!

Here are your champs:

1st. Dave Tran Roseline Coffee
2nd. Kyle Dols Sound Coffee and Morsel
3rd. Jason Moore Red E Cafe
Friday was so much fun! Espresso Parts sends tons of love to everyone involved. We get to work with and meet such great people because of #TNTNW. It’s truly a joy to continue supporting the coffee community! #TNTNW wouldn’t be complete without our title sponsors; Barista Magazine, Craft Coffee, Baratza Grinders, Imbibe Magazine, Rip Van Wafels, and Cuppow!

See you at Case Study Coffee 8/28

Espresso Parts Custom Shop x Whole Foods Markets Colleyville

July 14, 2014

  Our Custom Shop has been hard at work on another La Marzocco Strada for Whole Foods Market. This beauty is featured at the newly opened Colleyville, TX location. It’s loaded with everything WFM has come to love from the Espresso Parts Custom Shop; we replaced the metal back with etched glass slats, traded out the polished stainless panels with amazing custom laser engraved acrylic sides, and powder coated the sides in pearled copper. The finishing touch is the claro walnut trim and accents. Head to Colleyville for an amazing shot of Allegro espresso  from one of the most fetching machines you’ve seen! Giving back is important to Whole Foods so one percent of sales for the grand opening day will be donated to Colleyville Public Library. Interested in your own Custom Shop machine or accessory? Our customer service representatives are here to help! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.    

Core Value #6 “Give Back”

July 10, 2014

Espresso Parts truly believes in the power of the Triple Bottom Line; People, Planet, and Profit! Over the past few years we’ve taken great steps to improve the overall health of our company and the people that make Espresso Parts great! We’ve been fortunate to offer a very robust employment package to our Espresso Parts Family, which includes; Full Medical Coverage; Full Dental Coverage; Full Vision Coverage; Full AD&D Coverage; Extensive Paid Time Off; Paid Holidays; Living Wages; Bus Passes; and Product Discounts. While we are proud to offer this coverage we need to do more. We must ensure a healthy Planet for our employees and families to thrive for generations to come!

Espresso Parts is directly responsible for creating approximately 150 Tons of CO2 annually! This estimate includes the following emission sources; Office Emissions and Office Paper; Fleet Vehicle and Employee Commuter Vehicle Emissions; Business Travel and Hotel Emissions; Inbound Shipping Emissions; Outbound Shipping and Packaging Material Emissions.

Starting this year we are excited to announce the great steps we will be taking to help reduce and offset our carbon footprint! We are improving the following practices and supporting these projects which are designed to help enhance energy efficiency and restore natural habitats in our community;

  • Espresso Parts now buys Green Power. Through Puget Sound Energy we buy electricity from independent clean-energy producers right here in our region. These businesses generate electricity from wind, sun, biogas and other renewable sources.
  • We support Solar Roadways . No more power outages, ever. No more need to burn coal (50% of greenhouse gases). Less need for fossil fuels and less dependency upon foreign oil. Much less pollution. Long term advantage: an electric road allows all-electric vehicles to recharge anywhere: rest stops, parking lots, etc. They would then have the same range as a gasoline-powered vehicle. Internal combustion engines would become obsolete. Our dependency on oil would come to an abrupt end.
  • We support New Energy Cities, which partners with small- and medium-sized communities to achieve significant greenhouse gas reductions by 2030. By working with communities to set and attain quantifiable carbon reduction targets for buildings, transportation, waste management, and carbon storage, we are catalyzing replicable models of city-led clean energy innovation.
  • We support The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, which elevates the essential role that natural systems play in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. By galvanizing the region’s emerging biocarbon community to develop strategies that increase natural carbon capture and build a vibrant restoration economy, we are positioning the Northwest as the nation’s leading incubator for bio-carbon solutions.

This is our effort to ensure a happy healthy future for the Planet and our people! We encourage you, our suppliers, customers, industry colleagues, and friends to reduce your impact or help offset what you cannot reduce through local and regional organizations like;

Fun Facts;

  • Annually we recycle approximately 40,000 lbs of corrugated cardboard, 9,400 lbs of co-mingled recyclables (office paper, plastic bottles, and metal cans) and 1,000 lbs of various scrap metals.
  • Luckily, even our trash goes to a Green facility! Roosevelt Regional Landfill is a state-of-the-art operation. Each year, Roosevelt creates enough energy to power more than 20,000 homes by capturing and converting methane gas from garbage to electricity.
  • Over 50% of our staff avoid single occupancy commuting. We have 3 regular bicycle commuters, 2 regular transit riders, 6 regular carpool commuters!
  • All Espresso Parts shipping materials are recyclable, reusable, or compostable. Plus we offset the carbon it takes to ship your order! No joke!

As always, thank you for your support and continued patronage! Cheers to our continued success in creating an environment that supports healthy People, Planet, and Profit!

~Espresso Parts Family




Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Dillanos Coffee Roasters

July 2, 2014

We had such a great #TNTNW at Dillanos last week! They really know how to throw a party. Did I mention it’s also their 22nd anniversary this year? The event took place at their newly jazzed up  HQ in Sumner, WA. Our judges for the evening were: Bryan Reynolds Anthem Coffee, David Morris CEO of Dillano’s, and our U.S. Barista Champion Laila Ghambari of Cherry Street Coffee.

There were a couple of fun extra activities for the night too. The Director of Coffee Phil Beattie led a coffee/beer blending lab with Don & Janet of Naked City Brewery. Attendees were able to make their own coffee beer by mixing beer with three different cold brews. Dillanos and Naked City worked on a coffee IPA a while back called Sudden Impact that I hear was mighty tasty and also the inspiration for this fun session. Roast Master Bjorn was on deck to give two tours of the roasting facility. Ohh, and we had a nacho bar too!

Everyone poured their hearts…and tulips out! But of course we could only have three winners at the end of the night!

The top three baristas:

1st Ryan Wilbur La Marzocco
2nd Merilee Jones Street Bean Espresso
3rd Kyle Dols Sound Coffee and Morsel

Our next #TNTNW is July 25th at Espresso Parts. We will be throwing another parking lot party to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of TNTNW. There will be live music, beer & cocktails, latte art, and food. Check our Facebook page this week for more details.


Title Sponsors:
Espresso Parts
Barista Magazine
Baratza Grinders
Craft Coffee
Imbibe Magazine
Rip Van Wafels

Espresso Parts Custom Shop x Whole Foods Markets Champions

June 26, 2014

Espresso Parts and Whole Foods are a match made in heaven! Our Custom Shop completed the sixth La Marzocco Strada for the natural & organic food retailer to be featured at their newest store in Houston, Texas. We added black walnut trim, replaced the metal back with custom etched glass slats, and swapped the side panels out for laser engraved acrylic panels that were done in-house. We didn’t stop there! Check out those powder coated sides and steam boiler! If you find yourself in Houston make sure to visit and order a tasty shot off this beautiful machine.


Whole Foods celebrates each of their new store openings with a bread breaking ceremony and by giving back 1% of their sales to local organizations. Below are the the local beneficiaries!

— Klein ISD Reading Program
— YMCA at Cypress Creek
— Barbara Bush Library Friends
— Cypress Creek Foundation For The Arts and Community Enrichment
—  Houston’s Therapeutic Equestrian Centers

We’re honored to contribute to another amazing WFM store!

Interested in your own Custom Shop machine or accessory? Our customer service representatives are here to help! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.



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