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January 20, 2015

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Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Spotted Cow

December 10, 2014

Our November #TNTNW was held at Spotted Cow about twenty minutes out of Seattle. Spotted Cow is home to Maxwell Mooney who recently placed third in the NW region barista competition! He along with the wonderful crew have been elevating their local coffee scene and they’re doing an amazing job! Not only does Spotted Cow serve some pretty amazing espresso they also offer delicious gelato and ice cream which we all got to sample.

It was beautiful to see pretty much every coffee person come out for the event. We packed the house y’all, standing room only. It’s not hard to believe it but the 32 person bracket filled up in less than 10 minutes! This is the second time in a row that our bracket has filled up so quickly (the first was a month earlier in Portland during Coffee Fest) and we’re very sorry that we had to turn some folks away. As usual the latte art was top notch! The beer was flowing and the pizza was plentiful. After a couple of hours of war we had our top three!

Huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and everyone that showed up to support your fellow coffee professionals! See you in 2015.

1: Dustin Thomas Caffe Ladro
2: Brandon Paul Weaver Slate Coffee
3: Andrew Montoya Roaster at Spotted Cow

See you tonight at the final #TNTNW at Conduit Coffee!









12 days of Giveaways is back!

December 3, 2014


You’ve all been so great that we decided to throw some really awesome free coffee gifts at you again! That’s right we’re bringing back 12 Days of Giveaways! We’ve even have special guest prizes from Imbibe, Baratza, and Barista Magazine to name a few!

All the deets:
At the end of each day our team will pick their favorite picture and the winner will be announced the next morning.

Starting December 4th and ending on the 19th we will be giving away one item from our Pinterest Holiday Gift Guide daily (business days only). All you gotta do is post a picture of your favorite Espresso Parts gear decked out for the holidays. If you need some inspiration check out some of last years submissions below. To enter post your picture to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag your post with #EPHolidays. The merrier the better! Be creative but don’t hurt yourself or any kittens while taking your pictures.

*You can only win one time during the duration of the 12 Days of Giveaway promotion. Enter between 8am – 4pm PST each day of the promotion by tagging your post with #EPHolidays.

Be sure to participate each day to win one of the prizes on our Pinterest Gift Guide.

Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Christopher David Experience

November 20, 2014

Last month we had the absolute pleasure of presenting #TNTNW at The Christopher David Experience (CDX) in Portland’s iconic Pearl District. CDX is an amazing space. This place is a cafe rolled into a high end interior design store wrapped in a floral shop. It’s all kinds of awesome.

The TNT was the unofficial kickoff to Coffee Fest Portland. We were expecting a high turnout especially since this was the first time CF landed in Portland. Well, everyone came out to party! Our 32 person bracket usually fills in about 30 minutes but this time it was 6! We were bursting at the seams.

Not only were we bursting at the seams we were bursting with talent. Tons of baristas from overseas were in Portland to compete at the CF latte art championship. Yusuke Ota who won #TNTJP at Streamer Cofffee, our very good friends from the Barista Training Centre in Taipei, and Puerto Rico’s Latte Art Champion Abner Roldáno to name a few.

Obviously there were tons of amazing pours throughout the night! Plenty of beer was consumed and all the fun was had.

We love presenting these events and it wouldn’t be the same without our gracious hosts, terrific sponsors, and all of you out there! Thanks for making #TNTNW so awesome!

See you at Spotted Cow










Espresso Parts Custom Shop x Will & Co. Coffee

November 15, 2014


Surf’s up! Our latest EP Custom Shop job for Will & Co. marks the first time we have customized a brand new Faema espresso machine. We have previously restored a vintage E61 belonging to 49th Parallel some years ago but this time we got to work on an unsullied machine!

Situated in Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach, Will & Co. is a boutique Cafe that specializes in quality coffee and excellent food. They’re off the beaten path and only open for very limited hours. These two factors and the fact that they pull some amazing shots and serve great food have added to their cult status in the neighborhood.

Faema E61 2 group –

  • Matte blue powder coat
  • Weathered wood badge and cup rail
  • Etched glass back panel with hand crafted copper leaf inlay
  • Etched side panels
  • Copper plated trim work

Mazzer Robur –

  • Matte blue powder coat
  • Hand painted design
  • Weathered wood badge
  • Glass hopper conversion with matte blue lid


EP_x_WllCo_E61-12 EP_x_WllCo_E61-7 EP_x_WllCo_E61-8 EP_x_WllCo_E61-5

For customization questions connect with our customer service representatives! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.


Espresso Parts Custom Shop x The Grounds of Alexandria

November 8, 2014


Attention to detail is key to the success of our EP Custom Shop. We spend countless hours designing and modifying every machine that comes through our shop. Panels are manufactured, glass is etched, parts are plated, components are painted, and lasers get shot. Sometimes the little things may go unnoticed. Like incredibly cool portafilter handles! Case in point, these one of a kind custom portafilter handles for The Grounds of Alexandria. Featuring our house designed laser etched grip with embedded Synesso logo. Interested in your own Custom Shop machine or accessories? Our customer service representatives are here to help! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.

Custom Shop Features:

  • Hand turned cocobolo wood handle
  • Laser engraved logo and grip
  • Sealed and polished for durability



Espresso Parts Custom Shop x Whole Foods Markets Avalon

October 15, 2014


Meet EP Custom Shop Build #045. The very first customized Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA 388 ever! Victoria Arduino worked with WBC 2007 Champion James Hoffman of Square Mile Coffee to create a machine that offers the barista maximum consistency for espresso preparation. You get temperature stability from T3 technology combined with “gravimetric” technology for more consistent shots. It’s no wonder that the Black Eagle is the exclusive machine for regional & national Barista Competitions!

A machine with such capabilities and style deserves a nice home which is exactly what it got. This Eagle landed at the brand new Whole Foods Market Avalon in Alpharetta, Georgia. This is our 10th piece of EP Custom Shop equipment for our good friends over at Whole foods!

 Espresso Parts Custom Work:
  • Red gloss powder coated side and back panels
  • Custom metal fabrication on side panels
  • Walnut; accents on sides, Black Eagle emblem on back, portafilter handles


For customization questions connect with our customer service representatives! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.


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