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Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW at Ristretto Roasters

March 5, 2015
Photo Courtesy of Ristretto Roasters

Photo Courtesy of Ristretto Roasters

Last week the Portland coffee community came out in full effect for #TNTNW! Techs, baristas, roasters, owners, and a bunch of really awesome folks showed up to pour their hearts out. We gathered at Ristertto’s gorgeous Nicolai location. The cafe is situated in the historic Schoolhouse Electric Building formerly the Pacific Hardware and Steel building. Through the years the space has been home to a steel mill, wool mill and now Schoolhouse Electric & Ristretto! The feel and look of the cafe reflect the industrious past of the building.

As usual there was plenty of beer, latte art, and good times. Huge props to Ristretto and their baristas for opening their doors to a bunch of crazy coffee folks. If any of you want a re-match then join us at Rust Coffee Lounge this month 3/26 for #TNTNW!

1: Josh Pangelinan Water Avenue Coffee
2: Tiff Winters Extracto Coffee Roasters
3: Corey Critchfield Either/Or

Brewing with Espresso Parts: Full Immersion Brewing; Hario Copper V60

February 22, 2015

Untitled design (6)

Copper is the new black! Hario the “King of Glass” took their classic Buono kettle and V60 Dripper gave them a makeover! The kettle features an upgraded elegant brass handle and wooden knob for the lid. The dripper also boasts new copper accents and a stylish handle. Sure they look great on their own but they look even better when used together.

  • Place a Hario 02 filter into the V60
  • Preheat & rinse paper filter with hot water. Dispose of rinse water.
  • Grind them beans. We use a 1:18 ratio when brewing. That’s 1 gram of coffee to 18 grams of water.
  • Add fresh ground coffee to your filter.
  • Pour a small amount of your brewing water (50-75 grams) to the coffee and allow to bloom. Blooming can take anywhere between 30-45 seconds depending on freshness of coffee.
  • Grab your handy dandy Yama gooseneck kettle and pour the remainder of your brewing water onto the coffee bed from the inside out in a circular motion. Make sure to keep a consistent pour and don’t allow any of the grounds to dry out.
  • The full brew should take 3-4 minutes depending on grind setting, coffee freshness, and roast level.

Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW at Victrola Coffee

February 5, 2015

What a night! Our #TNTNW at Victrola Coffee was a fantastic kickoff to the 2015 season! There were baristas as far as the eye could see. Once again we filled our 32 spots in under TEN minutes!!!!! Luckily there was plenty of Jameson Whiskey to go around as well as some most delicious French Vietnamese food from Victrola’s neighbor Stateside. Much love to those two for sponsoring and helping to make the event super radical! And another thanks to Wax Thematique for providing the tunes for everyone to groove to!

Since Victrola is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle they decided on a King of the Hill style competition (more on this below the pics)! Four groups of eight baristas went head to head sudden death style with the top baristas from each group battling out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all around. A whole gang of amazing latte art was poured…for real though y’all are amazing!!! See y’all at Ristretto Roasters Nicolai on the 2/26!

The victorious victors:

1: Kyle Dols Morsel & Bean
2: Benjamin Roberts Victrola Coffee
3: Tiff Winters Extracto Coffee

IMG_8595 IMG_8598 IMG_8608 IMG_8611 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8623 IMG_8629 IMG_8648 IMG_8656 IMG_8666 IMG_8698

Here’s a cool video of the festivities too!

Lately we’ve been filling up in less than ten minutes and sadly have had to turn baristas away. This makes us really bummed so for the rest of the season we will roll with the King of the Hill format. It’s our hope that by making this switch we’ll be able to accommodate the most amount of baristas! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Panda our Social Media & Community Coordinator panda (at) espressoparts (dot) com.

Espresso Parts Custom Shop x The Hangar Cafe

January 28, 2015
You are clear for take off! What you see before your eyes is a thing of wonder. This one of a kind EP Custom Shop GS/GB5/GS3 mash up for Singapore’s The Hangar Cafe is like nothing we’ve ever done before. The inspiration for this project came from the WWII era British fighter plane the “Supermarine Spitfire“. This was a very involved and custom designed machine, inside and out. All you gear heads better make sure to check back next month for a behind the scenes look at this build as experienced through the eyes of David Ringwood our Equipment Customization Wizard.
  • Individual MP GS3 brew boiler with custom configured pump head for variable pre-infusion pressure
  • PID heating control on all boilers
  • GB5 steam boiler with modified hydraulic circuit to preheat steam boiler water
  • Right steam wand fitted with custom foot pedal and air actuated switch
  • Shipped with Vortex and Foam Knife steam tips
  • Custom made and modified machine body with riveted, brushed aluminum and stainless steel body panels, black walnut side panels, wrinkle powder coating and hand painted stripping and body details

For customization questions connect with our customer service representatives! Send your inquiry to or call 1-800-459-5594 to get an estimate started.

Brewing With Espresso Parts: Full Immersion Brewing

January 25, 2015

The Yama Glass Silverton Brewer isn’t a one trick pony. You can use this versatile brewer for pour over, cold brew, and full immersion brewing! Coffee powerhouse La Colombe Coffee has entire Silverton brew bar at their beautiful Fishtown location. We’re covering full immersion brewing for today’s post. Cold brew and pour over with the Silverton will be covered in future Brewing with EP posts so make sure to subscribe to the blog! The Silverton shown will be available soon on the site! It features a lighter wood base and brass arm.

Yama Silverton BrassYama Silverton 1

  • Open valve and place decanter underneath filter holder.
  • Preheat & rinse filter with hot water. Dispose of used water.
  • Grind your desired amount of coffee to a medium coarseness.
  • Add ground coffee to your filter.
  • Close valve.
  • Using your Yama Gooseneck Kettle (not pictured), add a small amount of your brewing water 50-75 grams to the coffee and let stand. This is called the bloom. Blooming may take anywhere between 30-45 seconds depending on freshness of coffee. Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset
  • Then, pour the remainder of your brewing water from the inside of the coffee bed and work your way out slowly in a circular pattern. Aim for a consistent water flow.
  • Open valve and allow coffee to filter into decanter.
  • Full brew should take approximately 3:00 to 3:45 depending on grind setting, coffee roast level, and age of the coffee.

Join our wholesale program to get exclusive pricing for the Silverton brewer and many items in our Yama Glass Coffee & Tea line! Our amazing customer service team can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8-4.   8004595594

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January 20, 2015

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Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Spotted Cow

December 10, 2014

Our November #TNTNW was held at Spotted Cow about twenty minutes out of Seattle. Spotted Cow is home to Maxwell Mooney who recently placed third in the NW region barista competition! He along with the wonderful crew have been elevating their local coffee scene and they’re doing an amazing job! Not only does Spotted Cow serve some pretty amazing espresso they also offer delicious gelato and ice cream which we all got to sample.

It was beautiful to see pretty much every coffee person come out for the event. We packed the house y’all, standing room only. It’s not hard to believe it but the 32 person bracket filled up in less than 10 minutes! This is the second time in a row that our bracket has filled up so quickly (the first was a month earlier in Portland during Coffee Fest) and we’re very sorry that we had to turn some folks away. As usual the latte art was top notch! The beer was flowing and the pizza was plentiful. After a couple of hours of war we had our top three!

Huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and everyone that showed up to support your fellow coffee professionals! See you in 2015.

1: Dustin Thomas Caffe Ladro
2: Brandon Paul Weaver Slate Coffee
3: Andrew Montoya Roaster at Spotted Cow

See you tonight at the final #TNTNW at Conduit Coffee!










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