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Streamer Coffee – Tokyo Japan

September 23, 2010

A few years ago, while exhibiting at Coffeefest Seattle, I had the honor of meeting Hiroshi Sawada. Hiroshi had come to Seattle from Tokyo Japan, to compete in the Millrock Latte Art Championship. The Latte Art competition had been getting better every year, and then Hiroshi arrived with incredible talent and won the competition with his three leaf pour.

Winning the competition was a great result for Hiroshi, but he took it one step further and paid it forward by donating his $5000.00 prize to Coffee Kids! Winning this event resulted in Hiroshi becoming somewhat famous in Tokyo for his ability to pour latte art.

Over the last couple of years Hiroshi has appeared in many fashion magazines, television commercials and images of his latte art were used in Japanese McCafe ads all over Japan. As a friend of Espressoparts, Hiroshi has always rocked the EP logo on his steaming pitchers, T-shirts, and anything else he could put it on. He clearly understood, our method of marketing and delivering the message of quality coffee.

Earlier this year Hiroshi opened his first shop, called Streamer Coffee. I was able to visit for the first time yesterday, with Richard Veneri of Espresso Supply, and local resident and Double Tall owner Shojiro Saito. As it was a holiday (Fall Equinox) The shop was not scheduled to open until 12:00 PM, however Hiroshi had reserved the space for our visit and was there on our arrival ready to make coffee.

The shop is very well designed with a clean modern look. Walking into the shop, you might have thought we were in NYC, or Seattle, as the design is very well thought out and the design is very cool. Hiroshi started out his day and ours with three amazing pours, resulting in great tasting lattes. All three of these drinks were the first drinks poured! Amazing.

After visiting for a while, I was honored to meet Hiroshi’ family! Both his wife and his son arrived during our visit, and we all were able to visit for a short time before the store opened for the day.

By the looks of things, Hiroshi has quite a good thing going and it looks like this is just the begining. Last spring Streamer debuted a chilled coffee drink called Triple Shot Latte. Tripple Shot was available at 15000 locations in Japan. 300,000 Triple Shot beverages were sold this summer, and is now sold out until nest year. This is simply amazing.

We have recently created some co branded products for Hiroshi, including the soon to be famous Astroboy T-shirts. These items are available via his very awesome store in Tokyo, Streamer Coffee. Keep your eye on Streamer and Hiroshi as great things are happening. Heres a few more pictures from our visit to Streamer.

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