Espresso Parts X Whole Foods Strada

This beauty is first in a series of machines we are customizing for Whole Foods! If you live in San Antonio hit up Whole foods at The Vineyard and pick up some organic matzo and a capp from their new La Marzocco Strada. We made custom wood and glass accents for this project and don’t it look so dang good?

5 thoughts on “Espresso Parts X Whole Foods Strada

  1. Espresso Parts design build continues to create incredible functional works of art for the coffee world. GO team. Tony and Cheryl Wilson.

  2. Hey There Thoughtsofclouds,
    Interesting Thoughts, We offer 12, 16, 20oz sizes. 2 shots in 12/16, 3 shots in 20oz. Pricing is getting high. I am looking at reintroducing the 8oz with single shot, 12oz with double and 16oz with triple. This way it will keep pricing down but will give the customer a better espresso experience, more flavor and less milk to drink as in the 20oz. And, I am not sure if we make any more money on the 20oz anyway. Food for thought?
    Nice One!

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