Clean up your act with Espresso Parts Café Microfiber Cloth Towels

Espresso Parts Cafe Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are an essential tool of the trade for cafes devoted to maintaining the most professional appearance. By design they are safe for all your stainless and glass surfaces. Wipe away your worries while you safely clean and polish your espresso machine and grinder, even take care of your bar. We offer our Microfiber Cloth Towels in 3 colors; light blue, brown, and black.

Color code your café’s cleaning system.

At Espresso Parts we’re all a little obsessive compulsive about the cleanliness of our coffee lab. So we started to color code our different cleaning chores by towel.

  • Light blue towels: You’re responsible for steamwand and milk pitcher cleaning duties, got it?!
  • Brown towels: Your job is to clean and wipe down portafilter baskets, group screens, and gaskets…we clear?!
  • Black towels: You have the most important job of all, wipe down and polish the equipment. Seriously, don’t mess this up, you have one job!

You can use our example or we welcome you take the lead and create your own cleaning tasks according to towel color.

Espresso Parts Blue Café Microfiber TowelEspresso Parts Brown Café Microfiber TowelEspresso Parts Black Café Microfiber Towel

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