Build #36 – 37

Whole Foods Domain x Espresso Parts / Build #36 – 37

We had the pleasure of customizing 2 La Marzocco Strada MPs for Whole Foods Market’s new Domain store in Austin, TX which had it’s grand opening Wednesday, Jan. 15th.

This is the 4th and 5th Strada we’ve customized for Whole Foods with our glass slat and black walnut trimmed design. Each of the glass slats were etched by a local glass artist we work with and we replaced the stock metal side panels with laser engraved, clear acrylic panels. We also powder coated the sides and steam boiler of the Stradas.

WFM Dazed Group

These machines have a “Dazed & Confused” theme which we believe is a nod to the classic 1993 movie of the same name which is set in and around Austin.

WFM Confused Group

There are a TON of activities happening in conjuncture with the opening including the following donations to nonprofits.

The following nonprofit organizations will receive one percent of sales on the below dates, and will join the store in opening events:

Wednesday, January 15 — Jewish Community Center of Austin
Thursday, January 16 — Emancipet
Friday, January 17 — Austin Creative Reuse
Saturday, January 18 — Girlstart
Sunday, January 19 — Back on my Feet

We are honored to contribute to another amazing WFM store!

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