#TNTNW @ Batdorf & Bronson

Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW @ Batdorf & Bronson

Olympia’s very own Batdorf & Bronson opened their doors for May’s #TNTNW. The house was packed and we had a couple of coffee stars in the house too! U.S. Barista Champion Laila Ghambari took time out of her hectic schedule to judge the night’s pours and Amanda Juris who placed second at the World Cup Tasters Championship threw down.

To mix things up we had Competitors draw from 4 cards to determine what they were to pour: 1) Macc, capp, 12 oz latte, dirty chai, hot chocolate, 2) Paper cup, 3) Milk; Fat Free, whole, Pacific Almond, and 4) Design (Monk’s Head, Heart, Rosetta, tulip, etc.)! Things got crazy and we ended up doing some “hand” pours which you can see on out Instagram. Our next event is June 26th at Dillano’s in Sumner, WA.

The top three for the night:

1st Kyle Dols Morsel Seattle
2nd Emre Surmeli Storyville Coffee
3rd Dismas Smith Caffe Ladro

***Update: In an effort to make sure #TNTNW is getting the most exposure possible we are going to consolidate the #TNTNW blog and twitter. From now on all #TNTNW news will be published on the EP Facebook page, expressoparts.com Wordpress blog, and @EspressoParts_ Twitter. With over 20,000 followers on those outlets we feel that this is the best thing to do to push #TNTNW to the next level.

Title Sponsors:
Espresso Parts (Organizer)
Barista Magazine
Craft Coffee
Rip Van Wafels
Imbibe Magazine

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