Build #47

Espresso Parts Custom Shop x The Hangar Cafe / Build #47
You are clear for take off! What you see before your eyes is a thing of wonder. This one of a kind EP Custom Shop GS/GB5/GS3 mash up for Singapore’s The Hangar Cafe is like nothing we’ve ever done before. The inspiration for this project came from the WWII era British fighter plane the “Supermarine Spitfire“. This was a very involved and custom designed machine, inside and out. All you gear heads better make sure to check back next month for a behind the scenes look at this build as experienced through the eyes of David Ringwood our Equipment Customization Wizard.
  • Individual MP GS3 brew boiler with custom configured pump head for variable pre-infusion pressure
  • PID heating control on all boilers
  • GB5 steam boiler with modified hydraulic circuit to preheat steam boiler water
  • Right steam wand fitted with custom foot pedal and air actuated switch
  • Shipped with Vortex and Foam Knife steam tips
  • Custom made and modified machine body with riveted, brushed aluminum and stainless steel body panels, black walnut side panels, wrinkle powder coating and hand painted stripping and body details

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  1. Afew years ago my husband and I, at Estes Park, CO, had espresso cups that were oval shaped. I liked them but have been unable to find them since. Do you make anything other than the usual. I’ve had espresso in so many places and would love to find something a bit unusual tohave with my assortment at home. can you help me, please!!

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